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Martin | PCB Support for HOTBEAM 05

Product description

PCB Holder and Flex-Support Bars

All PCB clamps and PCB holders from 40.5 family can be used on EXPERT rework machines and HOTBEAM 05 underheater devices. These products provide free space between heating surface and PCB of 40.5 mm distance.

All PCB clamps and holders have magnet-feet to be most flexible in holding PCBs above underheater. This is important in particular when PCBs are non-symmetrical, have edge-population, or simply show an odd shape. Preferably clamps and holders are clicked on top of the system housing with their magnet feet, see photos next.

The unique Flex Support bars support large size and heavy PCB perfectly from underneath. The spring loaded pins from Flex Support bar will self-adjust to the down facing PCB topography and prevent the assembly from sacking down during rework process. Use of this tool reduces twisting and warping of PCB to very minimum. Any need for costly jigs to hold the PCBs might be re-discussed.

For repeatable processes and to archive good quality results a secure and stable fixation of electronic assemblies in rework is mandatory.

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