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Martin | PCB Support Tools 20.5mm Series

Product description

PCB Support Tools for working with flush mount Underheaters

Using flush mounts in combination with HOBEAM 04 or HOTBEAM 05 underheater devices may create a professional hand soldering work space with world highest ergonometric standards. PCB holders with only 20mm working height lower the working plane to just 20mm above table top.

A wide variety of different type PCB holders are available to fix PCB in 20mm height. Since the flush mounts are fabricated from steel the magnet feet from PCB holder can attach easily. All type holders are interchangeable and optimized to securely hold any PCB shape over the under heater. PCB Holders are spring loaded for repeatable positioning. This simple method of fixing PCBs has proven to be reliable over many years.

Securing PCBs in place during repair procedure sometimes becomes a tricky task: PCB edge-connectors  or  dense  population  of  components  can  make  clamping  and supporting PCBs difficult, especially if PCB are asymmetrical or non-rectangular.

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