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Martin | Flush Mount Set

Product description

Improved ergonometric at work bench

  • New options for in-table-mounting are available for underheaters HOTBEAM 04 and HOTBEAM 05.  These allow underheaters to be completely integrated into tabletops so that the working height is the same as that of the surrounding work top.  Ergonomic as well as technical requirements for professional rework are therefore fully satisfied.
  • Soldering small components and those with large contact areas, such as QFNs, TSSOPs and similar, on ‘warm’ printed circuit boards is kinder to components, PCBs and soldering iron tips.  IR Underheaters are often used to provide this background heat.  Unfortunately, the increased working height at which users have to work with soldering irons make such physical arrangements uncomfortable to use to the extend that the introduction of Underheaters is sometimes met with rejection.
  • Anyone with responsibilities for production facilities will want these to be as efficient as possible.  Especially where repetitive actions occur, such as often with hand soldering, ergonomic considerations are very important.  Apart from the increased motivation a workstation arranged according to good ergonomic principles will also improve productivity and quality.  The cause of these effects is reduced operator fatigue because of relaxed posture and arm positions.
  • An additional benefit is the fact that the table integrated Underheater no longer has to be removed from the workspace and stored away.  Just the customary ESD mat on top suffices to reinstate the ‘normal’ bench space!
  • Low clamping PCB holders are available.  With 20mm clamping height, they complete the under heater application with the right accessories.

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