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Martin | EASYBEAM PC-Software for Underheaters

Product description

Through EASYBEAM V2 all underheater from HOTBEAM and HOTPLATE family can be controlled and operated.

The graphical display of temperature reading allows a decent optimization of heating profiles. Profile parameter can be adjusted at the Monitor and the profile name can be entered with PC keyboard easily. This user interface allows a process documentation for audit purposes.

For EASYBEAMV2 the underheater is connected via USB with the PC and the software is started. EASYBEAM V2 loads the profiles into the PC and allows the user to either run profiles or modify parameter. At the end of optimization profiles might be saved back into the underheater device.

More over the back-up of heating profiles is possible. By loading profiles from the underheater and saving them to an external memory they are protected from unwanted changes – once defined processes can be reinstalled easily.

The important LOCK-function can be activated from EASYBEAM V2 only. This function disables the change of profile parameter from front panel of the device. It is a strong feature for all processes with high QC standards.

EASYBEAM can be used with Underheater firmware from HB04.01.05. 

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