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Martin | PCB Support HOTBEAM 04 (high profile)

Product description

PCB Support when working with HOTBEAM 04 underheater

Since physical height of HOTBEAM 04 device is 40mm, PCB-clamps and holders from 55,5mm family are perfectly suitable to hold electronic assemblies above the underheater. A wide selection of of clamps and holders is available.

Like all PCB support tools also these here have magnet feet. Therefore they can be moved very quickly to the place where the PCB can be fixed the best. Such a kind of flexibility is unique.

To use the magnet-feet PCB support tools on standard work benches the HOTBEAM 04 underheater should be placed onto a magnetic base plate. This simple method of holding PCBs has proven to be reliable over many years.

The secure fixation of PCBs – even in hand soldering processes – is of great importance to ensure repeatable results with highest quality.

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