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Martin | Clever Dispense 06

Product description

Complete set consisting of the control unit and dispensing pen for volumetric application of pastes, adhesives and much more. This dispenser was designed for manual dispensing with highest expectations on stability and flexibility.

The CLEVER DISPENSE 06 is a professional dispenser for applications that require highest accuracy and a maximum control of material viscosity. These dispensers allow heating of the dispensing nozzle and cartridge. The CLEVER DISPENSE 06 H DP Sets are designed for manual dispensing operations. The all-electronic dispensers whose dispensing pressure, temperature and retain vacuum are program-controlled use the time-pressure-technology. This allows reliable dispensing of very small dots and lines of liquid to pasty material either as 1K-type or 2K-type. In addition, a sensor measures the material temperature inside the dispensing pen and the control unit compensates the material-specific change in viscosity. You can add your own material to the already existing material library to define essential material parameter and limit values. Temperature insulated dispensing pens are available for common cartridge sizes to avoid that the material is heated by the user during dispensing. If highly viscous materials are used it can be reduced by means of the optional nozzle heater. Dispensing programs are created and managed well-arranged by the Software CLEVER DISPENSE Pro on the PC. A maximum of 25 dispensing programs can be stored in the device and executed from there.

Additional information



  • Cartridges to use: 30, 10, 5, 3ccm
  • Viscosity Range: 10-100.000 mPas
  • Nozzle Heater: 50°C max.
  • Dot Dispense: Time Range: 0,001 s -2 s (±0,0005s)
  • Line Dispense: Time Range 0.1 s – 30 s
  • Communication: USB 2 (Typ B)
  • Weight / Size: 2,5kg max. / 272 x 152 x 60 mm³
  • Options: Electronic Vakuum Control
  • TCP / IP connectivity
  • Nozzle Heater
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