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ASI | Dispensing Controller

Product description

Materials for dispensing:

  • Solder paste, Flux paste, UV adhesive, lubricant, epoxy resin, fast cure adhesive, silicone resin, etc.
  • Usage: adhering, fixing, dot coating, line coating, etc.

Additional information



Power consumption 8W
Pressure setting 0.05-0.99 Mpa
Time setting DIP switch 0.01-1s; 0.1-10s; 0.2-20s; 0.3-30s
Air source max 0.99 Mpa
Control mode Manual / Quantitative (fixed volume dispensing)
Repetitive accuracy ± 0.05%
Dispensing frequency 600/min
Min. dispensing volume 0.01 ml
Dimension 235mm x 225mm x 63mm
Weight: 2.2 Kg
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