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Puretecs | OPtima V6 Coating System

Product description

The coating systems PRIMA V8 and OPTIMA V6 are specially designed for processing volatile substances such as HFE.

Great emphasis was placed on the process reliability and easy use. The assemblies’ coating is done by immersion in the fluoropolymer HFE solvent contained in the system’s tank. The assemblies to be coated are put in baskets placed on a lift. Both coating systems PRIMA V8 and OPTIMA V6 differ in the basket size.


By closing the lid and pressing the start button the immersion or dipping process and the subsequent drying process are automatically carried out within approximately 6 minutes.

Once the notification of completion appeared the basket can be simply exchanged. The baskets can be adapted easily to the assembly’s geometry or can be substituted with customized racks.

All coating systems are equipped with a cold trap for the HFE liquid recovery where the condensed HFE liquid can be collected in a built-in container or be returned in the tank. This provides for an extremely economic and environmentally friendly operation. A water trap absorbs the produced condensation in another collective container. Thus, the systems are compliant with legal HFE liquids regulations.


The color screen shows all information and is easy to adjust. The systems are equipped with filters for cleaning the HFE liquid. The liquid level is controlled. The lift can be set in any position automatically to allow exact partial immersion. The control interfaces provide for data output.

These coating system models offer a suitable solution for nearly all challenges.

Additional information



 Internal basket sizes 
PRIMA V8  Width 300mm  Depth 250mm  Height 200mm
OPTIMA V6  Width 450mm  Depth 300mm  Height 250mm
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