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ASI | 883 Pre-Heater

Product description

  • Microprocessor controlled ESD safe unit.
  • Utilizes quartz infrared heat technology.
  • Three operating modes to fit different reworking tasks.
  • Closed loop temperature control and monitoring.
  • Digital controls and display of set/actual temperatures.
  • Compatible with either hot air or IR top heating systems.
  • 310 x310 mm class leading pre-heating area fits large PCBs and minimizes board warping.
  • External temperature sensors allows more accurate monitoring of board temperature.
  • Profile adjustment functionality for automating reworking tasks under user defined temperature and time settings.
  • Multi-point board holder, a versatile PCB holder with board stabilizing screws and adjustable side grips to provide a secure fit for various type of board size and shapes.

Additional information



 Power input  available in 110v / 220v
Weight 13.00kg
Main station dimension  380 x 525 x 100 mm
Pre-heating station
Power consumption  1500w
Temperature range  50°c- 400°c
Heating element  quartz infrared
 Heating surface  310 x 310 mm
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