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Neoden 4 | Pick and Place

Product description

NeoDen 4- the latest Pick and Place Machine equipped with vision system, automatic PCB transport, 4 placement heads and automatic electric feeders, Developed and released by NeoDen Tech for Europe. This machine provides the best SMT automatic placement solution to customers who wanyt to start automated SMT assembly.

P/N 62380


Additional information



Placement Capacity 10000CPH (vision off), 5000CPH (vision on)
Placement Accuracy ±0.02mm (Repeatable positioning precision)
Applicable Component minimum 0201, maximum TQFP240, can mount BGA, QFN accurately
Applicable PCB size 310*1500mm
Automatic Electric Feeders maximum 48 sets
Power Supply 220V/160W
Equipment Weight 80kg
External Dimension (L×W×H): 940×740×600mm
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