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NeoDen is Innovation in Technology

A Pick and Place Machine equipped with vision system, automatic PCB transport, 4 placement heads and automatic electric feeders.

ASI provides full support for NeoDen Tech products. NeoDen has customized their line of tabletop pick & place machines for the European market, ensuring the equipment will meet the European laws and demands of the European customers.

Together we will do our best to enable you to start-up your automated SMT assembly today and for the future.

Established in 2009, NeoDen Technology Co.,Ltd., is a high-tech corporation located in Westlake Science and Technology Zone, HangzhouChina. Their primary product is a desktop automatic pick and place machine. The machine runs a very stable platform while working with precision and high-speed. The light weight body and user friendly interface has won high praise from many clients.

NeoDen found the solution to the problem of rising maintenance and labor costs, lack of productivity and quality control that small and medium manufacturers face on a daily basis. If you produce LED lighting, LED monitors, automobile electronics or smart telecommunication, we can provide a suitable solution for you.

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