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ASI | Automatic Label Feeder

Product description

The ASI label feeder is a highly accurate and cost-effective solution for placing labels on SMT assemblies.

No need to purchase special equipment. The label feeder can be used in existing placement machines, eliminates manual labeling and removes the human error factor. This Automatic Label Feeder improves quality and speeds up your processes.

Main Advantages

  • No need for additional equipment investment, use your existing placement machines
  • Eliminate the need for manual placement, avoid failures and reduce labor cost.
  • Customized for different materials, feeds and adhesive label types.
  • Can be customized to any mounter brand and type.
    Currently Siplace (D and X series), Juki, Samsung, Fuji (XP242, XP243), Yamaha, Panasonic (402, 602, NPM)
  • A separate control system, accurate electronic drive, stable and reliable.
  • Custom universal high-precision sensor, accuracy of 0.07mm
  • LCD real-time status display and a variety of mode options

Why do you need it?

Traceability is the key requirement for the improvement process. The production and inspection history of each individual PCB must be documented to allow further verification and analysis.This necessitates automatic board identification, which is customarily achieved by applying barcode labels to each board. However, due to the growing density and complexity of PCB assemblies, and the smaller dimensions of the labels, placing barcodes at the required level of precision is becoming increasingly challenging.

ASI’s automatic Label Feeder presents a unique solution, which allows placing barcodes and other labels easily, accurately and cost-effectively. ALF is compatible with existing placement machine models, eliminating the need for purchasing costly additional equipment. With ALF, labeling is quicker and more precise than ever before.

P/N 50584

Additional information




ALF-300 ALF-500 ALF-700
Label strip width 10-32mm 10-52mm 10-70mm
Label length range 4-60mm 4-60mm 4-60mm
Motion speed 20mm/Sec 20mm/Sec 20mm/Sec
Motion accuracy 5um 5um 5um
Power supply DC24V~30V DC24V~30V DC24V~30V
Dimensions WxHxL 67.5x129x520 85.5x110x636 100x115x498

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