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ASI | 2060-450 Vapor Degreaser – Advanced solvent cleaning system

Product description

Manufactured by ASI Technologies  Israel with more than 20 years  of experience in the electronics production industry.

Effective cleaning with no damage to the products, absolute minimum of solvent losses, environmentally safe and suitable to various applications

Typical Applications:

  • Precision component cleaning
  • De-fluxing of electrical assemblies
  • De-fluxing of electronic assemblies before conformal coating
  • Removal of compounds from medical devices
  • Remove oil residue from metal parts

ASI2060-450 is compatible with all of today’s non-flammable halogenated cleaning solvent. Machine equipped with the twin sump and hermetically closed during the cleaning process. The handling system is completely automatic. Two cooling zones reducing the solvent losses to an absolute minimum.

Every process is controlled by PLC and system’s advanced SW allows programming of every stage of the cleaning process according to the specific application requirements. Intuitive user interface and the touch screen making the system very easy to program and operate.

ASI2060-450 is especially effective in most challenging de-fluxing process supporting co-solvent material with the highest Kb value and no risk to component and board damage.


Additional information



Main features:

  • Touch screen, intuitive and advanced GUI
  • PLC controlled with the most advanced software in the market today
  • Manufactured in high grade stainless steel
  • Compatible with all of today’s non-flammable halogenated cleaning solvent
  • Hermetically closed cover during the cleaning cycle
  • Integrated twin compressor refrigerated cooling system
  • Dedicated filtration system for each sump
  • Boiled tank low level control
  • Vapor level control
  • Water separation as a standard
  • High purity filtration
  • Automatic transfer and handling system
  • Programmable basket oscillation as a standard
  • AccuSpray technology standard in boil sump
  • Minimum 100% Freeboard Area
  • Ultrasonic technology in both sump as an option
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